How does it work?

This website allows clubs and associations to plan and manage their activities, giving them a centralized place to organize their events.

If you are a club or association that would like to have access to planning activities, click here to submit an application. After a verification process, you will be notified by email that you have gained access to the administrative interface of the website.

Regular users can visit the website and get an overview of all available activities. By clicking on a specific activity, users can view detailed information such as its description, location, date, and any charges. They can also find the contact details of the club or association so that they can contact them directly for more information or to sign up for the activity.

In this way we offer a platform where clubs, associations and ordinary users come together. Clubs and societies can manage their activities effectively, while regular users can easily discover what's on and connect with the organizer’s.

Other interested parties?

If you are not affiliated with a club or association but have an individual event that you would like to promote, we still encourage you to get in touch with us.

We are interested in supporting a diverse range of events and would be happy to explore possibilities for showcasing your event on our platform. Please reach out to us so that we can discuss how we can work together.